Fighting the drought in your community

Last year, drought conditions pushed Californians to seriously reconsider the amount of water wasted on a daily basis.

Urban districts all over California were ordered by state officials to start meeting new water conservation standards — or face penalties.

The statewide goal: achieve a water savings of at least 25 percent compared to 2013.

But how did your community stack up during the past year’s conservation efforts?

The results are in: Between June 2015 and May 2016, California’s urban users cut water use by 24.5 percent, including a 28 percent reduction in water use in May.

That’s a great start! But it’s not the full story.

Residential water use accounts for only a small part of California’s overall water consumption. About 80 percent of water used by Californians goes toward agriculture. So in the end, cutting residential use by 25 percent only results in about a 5 percent reduction in water use overall for the state.

But that’s no reason to stop being mindful of our individual water use.

While the conservation standards have been lifted in most communities, we’ll all have to continue to do our part if the drought continues. So, whenever you can, turn off those faucets and sprinklers and help keep our water supply intact through these hot, dry months.






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