The ups and downs of living with diabetes

November was Diabetes Awareness Month and hundreds of Our Health California community members shared their stories of living with diabetes. Day by day, those with diabetes persevere with the support of those around them. Many rely on the A1C tests to checks their blood sugar levels to help them manage their diabetes. Here are some of those personal experiences:

“It sucks to have diabetes. One minute you feel great & the next you feel rotten. I get my A1C under 7 & then it goes back above 7. I take 3 different meds. I keep reading about different cures, I'm skeptical. I feel like no matter what I do or don't do, what I eat or don't eat, I stay on a roller coaster with my results.”
- Vickie L.

Doris P. shared how she was first diagnosed with diabetes in 1999 with an A1C of over 11%. She has now brought it down to around 6.5%. “Regular doctor appointments, the right medication, and eating properly is the right way to go.”

“God is Good. Just got a call from my doctor. All my test and lab results came back normal. I am diabetic so my A1C level is important. Results of 6.5, or less than 7.0, is good. Also lost 4 lbs. Thank you Jesus. Have had diabetes since I was 50, I am now 74. I work hard at maintaining my blood sugar levels.”
- Natalia D.

“Type II here. Always have to watch my portion sizes. Not so much WHAT I eat but HOW MUCH I eat. Exercise and not letting myself get too hungry seem to be the key for me. It's a daily effort! “
- Marti C.

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