What hospitals are doing with their extra food

Like most cafeterias, hospital food courts produce more than enough food. After serving meals to hospital workers, patients, and visiting families, what are California hospitals doing with the surplus food?

Seven Kaiser Permanente hospitals in L.A. and Orange County have partnered with Food Finders, a food recovery organization that receives unserved food and redistributes it to groups that help those most in need.

In many of the communities these hospitals serve, as much as 20% of the residents do not have access to healthy food on a regular basis. By working with Food Finders, hospitals are able to provide nutritious meals to those who need it, instead of wasting their surplus.

Not only are the hospitals helping feed families and seniors in the area, they’re also minimizing their environmental impact by reducing the waste that goes into landfills and creates greenhouse gases.

The Kaiser facilities in Orange County, along with Children’s Hospital Orange County and St. Joseph of Orange, are part of a broader group called Waste Not OC Coalition that brings together schools, restaurants, and other sources of food to help get surplus food to pantries and into the hands of the hungry.

It’s well known that our diets have a significant impact on our health, so by providing good food to more people, hospitals are investing in the health of our whole community.





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