What to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers?

With all the cooking enthusiasm around Thanksgiving dinner, and the whole family gathered, we’re sure there was a lot of food -- and probably a lot leftover. It’s tempting to just microwave it all the next day for a repeat performance. And if you’re ok with rubbery turkey or lukewarm potatoes -- then great! But if you’re looking for something more creative and delicious, here are some ideas:

Make turkey soup! Chop up the leftover turkey into smaller chunks, throw in leftover green beans, carrots, or other vegetables, and stew up a delicious soup! Here’s one recipe.

Savory pies: Thanksgiving leftovers go well in pot pies or a turkey shepherd’s pie. Add eggs, and you can transform yesterday’s meal into quiches or frittatas.

Got extra stuffing? Here’s a great breakfast idea: Muffin Cup Scotch Eggs.

Put Cranberry sauce on your morning pancakes for a great post-holiday zing. You can also turn that sauce into a tangy salsa.

You can even turn that extra pie into all-new desserts. Throw a slice of cold pumpkin or apple pie into a blender with milk and ice cream and you have a shake!

The possibilities for your leftovers are as varied as the Thanksgiving dinner itself. So instead of resorting to your microwave, continue to wow your guests with transformed leftovers. Happy cooking!

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