Fight the Stigma

Fight the Stigma

Pledge to be a voice for Californians in need

At least 1 in every 5 Californians will face a mental health challenge in their lifetime. But the stigma and discrimination experienced by individuals with mental illness can create debilitating barriers on the road to wellness.

According to a new RAND study, Californians dealing with mental health issues report feeling stigmatized and unsupported in their personal and professional relationships, leading many to hide problems and even delay seeking care for fear of exposure.

These negative perceptions pose a very real threat to the health and wellness of our communities, putting the lives of vulnerable citizens at risk. But through education and advocacy, we have the power to make a change.

Every Californian deserves access to high quality health care, and our friends and neighbors coping with mental illness should be free to seek care without fear.

Stamp out the stigma and reduce discrimination against Californians struggling with mental illness: Pledge to support mental health awareness and be a voice for those in need.

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