Pledge to help prevent wildfires

California’s 2017 wildfire season was the worst on record. The consequences — serious health impacts, billions in damages, and lost lives — were tremendous. Now the 2018 season has already started to cause damage.

We can all play a role in preventing wildfires. Read up on some of the ways you can help prevent them, and commit to doing your part.

  • Get a permit before lighting a campfire. Make sure any permitted fires are properly extinguished.
  • Avoid mowing your lawn when it’s hot and windy, and try to mow before 10 a.m.
  • Clear dead vegetation from your property, and only burn lawn debris in designated areas and on permitted days.
  • On days when fire risk is high, use extreme caution to avoid any activity that can spark a fire.
  • Keep your vehicle well maintained — properly inflate tires to avoid driving on rims, change your brake pads before they get too thin, and address any other metal parts that could drag and cause sparks.
  • Make sure all cigarette butts are fully extinguished and properly disposed.

Ready to commit to taking these steps? Sign the pledge — and you’ll play a crucial role in avoiding future fires.

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